Something I need to get off my chest…

I have been pretty silent and flying under the radar in regards to #45 (I have a hard time even saying his name…) and what is happening in the White House, but after what happened in Charlottesville, I have to say something.

I was never a fan of Trump even before he decided to make a run for President. I admit I watched The Apprentice and would especially relish watching the finalists have to pull off an event for their final challenge…something that I do everyday for my career…and watch them fumble and sweat about all the details and logistics. It made me feel even better about what I do for a living and would reaffirm that it is not an easy job.

I used to be a Republican, but changed teams back during the George Bush Jr years. I watched all the debates with the “cast of characters” that were all competing for the nomination. Even then, he would say something on that stage and when asked about it afterwards by a reporter, would deny that he even said it. If is was still the day of the tape recorder, I’m sure several reporters would have had the tape all cued up and ready to play for him…at least I would! That was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

His campaign slogan was to Make America Great Again. I wonder what that really means to him? Because as I see today, this country has taken a big step backwards…by about 100 years or so. He has reignited racism and hate and enabled those groups to resurface and act out towards those people that don’t agree with their narrow minded ideals. Not making America great again, but instead making a statement similar to some other ideals of ‘who’ should be considered the stronger and ideal in our society. Sound familiar? And what is frightening, is that no one in Washington from the Republican Party is standing up to him. Which makes me think that many of those people are in agreement with him.

To me, it is heartbreaking to see this happening when our country was pretty darn great before. Not “the” greatest place, but pretty darn good. There is always room for improvement. But sadly, now we are reverting back to a day that I thought we had left behind us long ago. A country can’t be strong if there is so much hate and our leader does nothing to stop or condemn it, but instead support it by his silence. God help us.

Demystifying the technology of A/V – PART 1

We all know that A/V is the necessary evil in any meeting or event. It is a mystery as to why they have to charge what they do and how do they really determine what you need? Early on my career I actually worked in Audio Visual sales for Total Audio Visual Services which then became Caribiner and I have lost track of what they are called now. I didn’t really end up in the job that I had applied for, but that is neither here nor there. I still can’t figure out how to connect the DVD to the DVR to the TV and make the correct remote control work, but I did learn enough to be dangerous and to help me to be a good negotiator in regards to AV.

Let’s start with a few basic fundamentals about what some of the basic gear is:

Wireless Microphone Kit – it is a called a kit because it offers you a choice of 2 microphones (either a handheld microphone or a wireless lavalier microphone). You can only use one of the mics at a time though. Because they are wireless, they run on a wireless signal and that signal is the same for both mics. Therefore, if you try to use them both at the same time they will cancel each other out. They are beneficial in that if you don’t know the preferences of the speaker or your agenda has a variety of speakers and audience Q&A, they provide you with the ability to be versatile.

Mixer – and I’m not talking about the one that is in your kitchen! This is an essential piece of equipment if you have more than one microphone in use. In most hotels you can plug one microphone into the house sound and there should still be a volume control in the room for the mic. If you are using more than one mic, you need to have a mixer. Think of it as a “power strip” of sorts where you will plug multiple mics into this box and then this box will connect to the house sound. Mixers can come in several ‘sizes’ or what are called “channels”. You will most often see 4-Channel mixers, but they can go up to 22-Channels…think of how many mics you would have for U-2 or some other band!

Plasma vs. LCD

A plasma screen is a combination of neon-xenon gas which is sealed in plasma. The gas is electronically charged and when the charges strike the red, green and blue phosphorus it creates the image you see on the screen. They are also called ‘pixels’. Plasmas are similar to the old-fashioned tube-style TV’s in that they generate heat but are more streamlined since they are flat.

An LCD (or liquid crystal display) is made up of 2 transparent labels that are polarized and glued together. One layer is treated with a polymer that ‘holds’ the liquid crystals. An electric current is passed through the crystals. The crystals will either pass or block the light to create the image you will see. They use less power than a plasma and therefore, generate less heat.

Both Plasmas and LCD’s present their own set of pros and cons. Plasmas are not as bright as LCD’s so if you are in a very bright location (meeting room with lots of windows or outside, perhaps) an LCD is a better choice. Hence, why most outdoor screens and those new fancy billboards are all LCD’s.


Next up…how do you decipher the AV proposal from the hotel??


Welcome to my new website and to my first blog! Who I am…I am presently an Independent Meeting and Event Manager. I say Manager vs Planner as I don’t just plan events, I manage them. I manage the contract, the budget, the additional vendors from production to decorator to the registration and hotel staff, the details, the timeline and deliverables, the execution of the meeting or event, the billing and wrap-up, and yes, I sometimes even manage the client. My career path brought me to this career naturally.

I began in hospitality operations where I did everything from being a cutter-chopper, run the dish machine (it is a machine vs a washer in big settings outside of your kitchen…think of that Maytag or Whirlpool on major steroids!), a maid cleaning hotel rooms, setting up the event, serving the event, being your restaurant or banquet manager to selling and booking the event. I dabbled a little bit in Audio-Visual sales where I learned enough to be ‘dangerous’ and enough to be able to know what to for in regards to equipment and/or production needs. I also worked at a large catering company that was the exclusive caterer for a handful of venues in the Twin Cities plus did a large volume of off-premise catering at other venues or in private homes.

I have been planning and managing meetings and events since 2002 when I officially transitioned from being a “supplier” to being a “planner” and have loved every minute of it! I have had my fair share of ups and downs with lay-offs, but each new place I have worked has taught me something new and provided me with a large network that has also provided me with some pretty amazing opportunities (like working as a Delegate Aide in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention!). And I am grateful every day that I have this job and the ability to “work for the woman” instead of the man.

My hope is that this blog will be an opportunity to share my experiences, learnings and take-a-ways from my past and current events. Until next time…

In gratitude-